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    My name is Mira Ivanova and I am Founder and CEO of Myshoppp.com online shop.

    At Myshoppp.com we select a wide range of quality products at affordable prices.
    The products are situated in categories so it’s easier for you to find them because we know that saving time is important.
    We are working in Europe’s biggest markets and we managed to satisfy thousands of customers with our products and
    customers service. At Myshoppp.com we know that clients are at the heart of what makes a business successful and that
    is why we provide outstanding customer service and we aim that you remain satisfied with your purchase. You can count on me
    to guide you as well as answering questions regarding your visit to our online shop. We aim to continuously improve myshoppp
    and we try to involve our customers in the processes. We would be highly appreciative if you leave us constructive feedback.
    With your participation we believe that it will be soon among the online retail leaders in Europe. Our dedicated team of experts
    will make sure that everything is simple, easy and convenient for you at Myshoppp.com
    I look forward to answer any queries at: Mira.Ivanova@myshoppp.com
  • Snack Dipper


  • Callus Remover


    from Adore™, better living

  • Radio Retro



    MP3, Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB, SD Card

  • Inox Cook Multi Cooker

    Inox Cook
    Multi Cooker

    Chef Master Kitchen ™

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