Terms & Conditions


In case the delivery or billing address needed to be changed, it could be done if the order had not been sent yet. For the rest of the cases, the solution would be to cancel the order and make another one. Some days later, MyShoppp would pay you back the cancelled order. However, you’d better call or write an email to the After-Sales Department and explain the facts. Our team will try to give you a response as soon as possible.


Possible Situations:

Incident reported within the first 24-48 hours after receiving the order and signs of ‘damaged package’: 

All items leave our warehouse with the packaging in perfect conditions. Should your customer observe any external damage on the package, it isESSENTIAL to specify this clearly in the delivery note of the transport company by indicating for example: “VISUALLY DAMAGED PACKAGE". You should take advantage of the confirmation emails you send to your clients to famirialize them with this good practice, as we do with you.

Should the customer notify this incident within 24 hours of delivery, please scan and send us the delivery note in attachment. Thus, we will be able to make a claim to our transport company in connection with this event and replace the damaged item with a new one after solving the incident.

Incidents between the first 48 hours and 15 days after receiving the order

Whenever a final client calls you to complain about faulty products, boxes or any problem, you will have to attend him/her properly, as it is your client and not ours. This includes checking the incident through pictures and removing the product to examine it in place in your facilities. At this point we have to use common sense and if a product comes in bad state and its value is very low, you’de better pay back the money your client and not proceed to removing it and sending a new article instead.

You will have to check that all the products you gather are faulty. We all know that some clients complain about products which are not faulty at all. In this case, you will be held responsible for filtering this kind of fictitious incident.


Guarantee – Technical Service after 15 days from receiving the order

All articles have a two-year-guarantee from the date of delivery, excluding perishable or health and hygiene products. Defaults caused by negligence, hits, undue use or handling, wrong installation or wearing out due to normal use shall not be included in the guarantee. In case of IT articles, the guarantee will not cover virus removal, restoration of programmes due to this reason or reinstallation of the disc after its deletion. In case of the incidents that justify the use of the guarantee, we will choose amongst reparation, replacement, discount or refund according to the legally established terms.

The guarantee will be void:

• If some of its data or the data of the purchase receipt are modified, altered or replaced.
• If both the identification number or the product itself are handled or repaired without knowledge of the Technical Service.

To make use of the guarantee, you will have to write to us to customer@myshoppp.com by indicating:

• Product description
• Description of the problem

Each case will be dealt with separately. You will be given the address of the SAT (Technical Assistance Service) of each manufacturer in your country or the place where you will have to send the product and its accessories (all costs paid). It will be compulsory to enclose in the packaging a copy of the selling invoice, as well as a description of the problem.

The reparation period will never be longer than 30 days, as indicated by the current Guarantees Law.



If for some reason you want to cancel an order and prevent it from being sent, you will have to notify it as soon as possible.

If you notify us the cancellation after 14 p.m., it will be possibly already in hands of the messenger service and therefore we will not be able to ensure its cancellation.

What happens if you  do not collect a parcel?

If the parcel is not collected by the consignee, it is returned to our warehouse. Once it has been received in the warehouse, it is managed by the Technical Support Team and subsequently delivered to the Administration Department for payment processing.

The delivery of the parcel and its return to the warehouse incur certain transport expenses that will be covered by the company or person who placed the order. As a result, you will receive a payment resulting from the order cancellation after deducting the shipping charges in both directions.

This process may take up to 4 weeks